Blackout Shades, Greenville, SC

Whatever your reason for wanting blackout shades in Greenville, SC, we are happy to provide you with a free consultation and estimate.

Blackout Shades
Window shades serve a variety of purposes. They are attractive, so they add to the décor of a room. They provide privacy so that passersby are not able to view into the home, which is particularly important in bedrooms and bathrooms. And, they are useful at reducing the amount of sunlight or other exterior light sources coming into a room.

In some circumstances, you would want the ultimate amount of protection from light, whatever the source of it is. That is when blackout shades are an ideal solution. At Blinds America, we offer a variety of styles of blackout shades, so you do not have to sacrifice appearance to get the results you desire.

There are a number of reasons why you might desire blackout shades. A nursery is one place where blackout shades are perfect. Your infant will be napping many times throughout the day, and they will rest far better if there isn’t any sunlight bothering them. Blackout shades are equally as useful for anyone who sleeps during the day due to being a night worker, or those who just like to take an undisturbed nap.

More Suggestions for Using Blackout Shades

At Blinds America, we are passionate about offering our Greenville, SC customers diversity to meet any window covering challenge. As a solution-oriented company with several years of experience, we are a valuable resource when you aren’t quite sure what type of window covering would best suit your needs. There are several situations in which blackout shades are a wise choice that go beyond bedrooms and nurseries. Here are a few more suggestions for using blackout shades in your home:

  • Home Office- If you work on a computer for several hours a day in your home office, anything you can do to cut down on glare on the monitor will save you from eye strain and headaches. Blackout shades keep the sun out of your eyes and off the computer so you can work more productively. A style that is easily opened and closed will give you the flexibility to raise them when you want to take in the view or enjoy natural light after the sun has passed the critical time when it is glaring.
  • Media Room- Trying to watch a movie or television show or using your smart TV for other entertainment can be challenging when the sun is shining through the window. You’ll get more of a movie-theater experience when you have blackout shades on the windows.
  • Privacy- Blackout shades offer the ultimate in privacy, which may be desired in a bathroom or bedroom.
  • Pantry- If you are fortunate enough to have a room-size pantry or you are using an extra bedroom for this purpose, blackout shades will help your stored items stay fresh longer and prevent damage from the sun.


Blackout shades are also a wise option for situations in which the UV rays from sunlight would be detrimental; for example, in a library or when a window overlooks a delicate item such as artwork or fine upholstery. Whatever your reason for wanting blackout shades, we are happy to provide you with a free consultation and estimate, so you can begin the selection process.

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