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Shutters in Greenville, South Carolina
When you think of shutters, you may think of the wooden doors that were fitted on the outside of a window to block against wind and the elements. While this was their traditional function, shutters have become much more than outside window protectors. Today, shutters offer full functionality inside your home with the ability to open and close the slats, but with the option to open them fully to reveal your windows behind.

How to Care for Your New Shutters

Here at Blinds America, we aren’t just dedicated to providing you with the quality shutters you want for your Greenville, South Carolina home. We also want to provide you with the pertinent information you need so that you can properly care for them. The best way to clean your shutters is with a magnetic dust grabbing cloth. This traps the dust while gently lifting it from the surface. If you have a soft brush attachment for your vacuum, this is an alternative way to dust the shutters. There are also some things you should know about deep cleaning your shutters should you find it necessary based on the type of shutters you have.

  • Wood Shutters – While it is okay to use a damp cloth on wood shutters, you should take care not to get them too wet or leave them wet to avoid warping and water damage to your shutters.
  • Composite Shutters – Composite shutters are more forgiving than wood in terms of moisture, but we still recommend caution with water. Again, a damp cloth could be used when you need more than dusting to get your shutters clean.
  • Polyresin Shutters – If you chose these shutters for their exceptional durability and low-maintenance feature, you’ll have nothing to fear when using soap and water to clean them. You can usually get by with a damp cloth for most cleaning, but if you need a bit more for a stubborn spot, you can be confident the shutters won’t be adversely affected.

At Blinds America, our shutters come in several options, including wood, wood composite or polymer materials, allowing you to choose the material that best suits your home or office décor. Shutters offer great functionality because of their dual ability to open and close against your windows, or alternatively serve as blinds that open and close to filter light. This is also a great option to offer reinforcement against the elements. Shutters are hinged to allow you easy access to your windows, and you can still clean and maintain both your windows and the shutters without hassle.

How to Maintain Your New Shutters [infographic]

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If you are looking for a simple solution to your home or office window covering needs and would like to learn more about your options using shutters, please give us a call today. At Blinds America, we offer a free consultation and estimate and will provide a professional installation. Our reputation for excellent customer service will tell you that we are your go-to choice for shutters and other window options for your Greenville, SC home or office. You won’t be disappointed with the results. Give us a call today!



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