3 Advantages of Custom Shades [infographic]

Our team at Blinds America wants to help you make your home as comfortable as possible, and one way that we can do this is by creating custom shades for your windows. Custom shades offer a number of advantages over their pre-made counterparts, and we’ll be going over three of these advantages in this article to help you decide if they are right for you.

3 Advantage of Custom Shades

  • Perfect Fit. One of the key advantages of custom shades over prefabricated ones is that they are made to fit the exact dimensions of your specific windows. This means that instead of having to deal with gaps between the edge of the shade and the window frame, and the annoying slivers of light that come with them, you can enjoy seamless light control and coverage. For this reason, custom shades are especially helpful for those who have windows in nonstandard shapes and sizes.
  • Maximum Privacy. Another advantage of custom shades is that they will give you reliable privacy protection that you can count on, as well as the peace of mind that comes with it. As we mentioned above, our custom shades are designed to leave as little of a gap as possible between the shade and the frame, meaning that any outsiders who might peek in will have no opening through which to do so.
  • Superior Quality. A third benefit of custom shades is that they are generally of higher quality than pre-made ones–ours certainly are. We use only the best materials, and we make sure to double check each step in our work process to deliver the best possible product.

3 Advantage of Custom Shades [infographic]