3 Groups of People Who Could Use Blackout Shades

Blackout shades are one of the few types of window treatments that have a very loyal following by a few select groups of people. Here at Blinds America, we understand that not everyone likes the darkness that can accompany blackout shades. We also know, however, that there are a few groups out there that could benefit greatly from trying out blackout shades in their own homes. Consider the following groups of people.

Making your room mimic nighttime with blackout shades

  • Parents- One of the hardest things as a parent of a young child is getting them to sleep past the sunrise, especially when they are little. They need those early morning hours of sleep, and so do you! Blackout shades can be a saving grace for parents whose children want to rise and set like the sun, especially during those long summer days and during nap times.
  • Movie-lovers- Do you love movies, but would rather not spend a small fortune on popcorn and drinks? Many movie-lovers have theater rooms or designated movie rooms in their own homes, which blackout shades are perfect for. With blackout shades in these areas of the home, you can pretend you are in your own movie theater, but one that will pause the movie for you when you need a snack break!
  • Night-shift workers- Night-shift workers have the sleep schedule tough. While the world is sleeping, they are up working, and then while they want to sleep, the sunlight is trying to get their body to stay awake! Making your room mimic nighttime with blackout shades can help maintain circadian rhythms and allow you to sleep more deeply.