Are Blackout Shades the Right Choice for Your Home? [infographic]

Even if you love the natural sunlight in your home, there may be reasons and occasions to wish that you could block it out. Blackout shades give you the option to block the light when you choose, while still allowing you the flexibility to open the shades when you choose and easily let the light back into your home.

Are Blackout Shades the Right Choice for Your Home? [infographic]

Here are some of the rooms where blackout shades are most utilized:

  • Bedrooms: Maybe you work third shift or appreciate how the blackout shades also help soften outside noises while you sleep. Whatever your reasons, blackout shades can keep your bedroom cool and always ready for a nap.
  • Nurseries: A new baby in the family may make you appreciate blackout shades more than ever before.
  • Home theaters: Home media and gaming spaces are likely to need blackout shades to prevent glare on the screen. This may also be a consideration in living spaces and even home offices depending on your setup and how the light comes in.

Are Blackout Shades the Right Choice for Your Home?

Blackout shades are available in a wide variety of sizes and appearances, though they usually do tend to be on the darker side, color wise. Blackout shades should block the light completely. If you want to block most but not all the light, you might consider room darkening shades instead. If you want to block even less light, light filtering shades may be the best choice for you. These typically create a glow in your room that allows you to move about without supplemental light during the daytime.