Caring for Your Wood Blinds

Wood blinds are a great addition to almost any space. Because wood is one of those classic elements that can be paired with just about anything, choosing wood blinds for your space is a great way to secure an investment on a timeless element of style. Caring for your wood blinds can be simple, but the payoff in quality use and attractiveness for your wood blinds is well worth any time that needs to be put in. Here are a few things to keep in mind when caring for your wood blinds.

Wood blinds are a great addition to almost any space

First and foremost, be careful where you hang your wood blinds. Wood doesn’t take kindly to areas that have a lot of moisture and humidity. A good rule of thumb is that anywhere you wouldn’t put hardwood floors is probably also not a place for wood blinds. This means that bathrooms, steam rooms, garages, and even laundry rooms are out.

Second, make sure your wood blinds are protected from the deteriorating powers of the sun when possible. Because wood blinds generally come with a varnish, protect this beneficial layer by dusting regularly and rotating the slats on your wood blinds so that they aren’t always facing the same direction of the sun.

Third, regularly maintain your wood blinds with dusting, vacuuming and soft cleanings. This can be done with a special duster or even with a microfiber cloth if that works better for you. You can even find some vacuums that have special attachments for needs just like this.