Cellular Honeycomb Shades: The Shades Every Parent Should Have

When you are going through the process of decorating a nursery for your future little one, many parents are focused on safety first. They have gone through the house and carefully secured cords, covered up outlets, blocked stairwells and added little safety cushions to sharp corners of tables or fireplaces. One place that can be easily forgotten and yet is also extremely hazardous to your new little one is actually in every room in your home: your window blinds. Window blinds and their cords are a common parental concern since a child can reach them easily and become entangled within them. That is why when new parents come to Blinds America, they are often looking for one thing and one thing only: cellular honeycomb shades.

Cellular honeycomb shades are fantastic for the worrying parent

Cellular honeycomb shades are fantastic for the worrying parent because they are typically cordless. Rather than using a long pull string to pull the blinds up and down, you simply use the push of a button and retract or extent your cellular honey comb shades. With no cords to become entangled in, there is no worry of entanglement.

In addition to being cordless, cellular honeycomb shades also come in a variety of colors and styles, including blackout for those parents who are desperate to have their child sleep past the rising of the sun. Because these shades look great on their own or paired with other window treatments, cellular honeycomb shades can grow and accommodate your child as they age by simply swapping out curtains instead of the shades.

If you are a parent looking for a safe, effective window treatment for your new little one, consider cellular honeycomb shades from us at Blinds America.