Choose the Best Window Treatments for Your Space with These Tips! [infographic]

Windows and window treatments are an important part of any space. Not only are they useful, but they also let in light and offer an enjoyable view. Getting the right window treatments for your space isn’t always easy, but we here at Blinds America would like to offer you a few tips to help get you started.

  • Consider the purpose. When it comes to choosing window treatments, think about your goal for the space. Are you looking for style? Privacy? A splash of color? Asking yourself what you want from your window treatments can help narrow down your options.
  • Don’t just measure the windows. While you need your window measurements, you will also need the width of the window frames and the length of the tops of the windows down to the floors. Especially if you are choosing draperies, you will need to measure the space around your windows as well as the windows themselves.
  • Layers are an option. Don’t think you need to limit yourself to just one window treatment! You can choose blinds and draperies, sheer fabrics and heavier solids, etc.
  • Let your architecture guide you. Some forms of architecture are going to dictate your window coverings. If you have an area with dormer windows or very little space between windows, you might consider blinds over curtains or draperies.
  • Think cohesive looks. While each room can have some unique elements, consider cohesive styles. Choose the same blinds and vary curtains throughout the house or go for a consistent color scheme or material. This helps make your style throughout more interconnected.
  • Go green! Your window coverings can be efficient as well as attractive. Consider choosing your window coverings carefully, selecting materials that will insulate as well as decorate your space.

For answers to your questions or to allow us in assisting your window covering selection, please give us a call today.