Give Your Home a Little Something Extra with Custom Shades

When you want your home to look good and reflect your style, one important thing to consider is what window treatments you will use.  They windows need something on them for privacy and to keep out the light when you want it to.  It is important to find something that fits your windows perfectly so they it looks good; otherwise, ill-fitting window treatments will make your home look sloppy and unkempt.

Something Extra with Custom Shades

A great option for window coverings is custom shades. Custom shades check off everything on most people’s window covering checklist. First of all, they look spectacular. They look clean and tidy and are also very stylish. They can work with any type of decorating without detracting from all of your design ideas. They fit in with all styles whether they are modern, traditional, or a little of both. They are also very functional.  They can be rolled down to block out sun and to give you privacy in your home.  They can be rolled all the way up to let your entire window show and to allow natural light to stream through your windows without anything blocking the light. Custom shades come in a variety of style and colors.  You can choose from blackout shades, roman shades, mesh shades, and even solar shades.

If you would like to order custom shades for your home, contact us today at Blinds America.  We can help you pick the perfect window shades and make them to fit your windows perfectly.  Some of our shades are certified with the EPA for energy efficiency, so you may even qualify for a tax break. We can help you add a little something extra to your home to make it really look and feel great!