How Do Roman Shades Work?

With their elegant profiles and easy operation, lightweight Roman shades are a sophisticated choice for homes and offices. They’re made from soft fabric that hangs against windows when your shades are down. While open, the fabric moves upward into even folds. There are no gaps or individual slats, and they offer excellent light control. But here’s the burning question: How do these things work?

How Do Roman Shades Work?

A Simple Operation

Manual Roman shades have small rings sewn into the backs of the fabrics, and a rope or string is threaded through them. That is attached to a pull cord that’s tied to the bottom ring. When you tug on that, the shade goes up neatly. With reverse Roman shades, the threading process can be described as being upside down, with the cord on the top. There are also cordless and motorized Roman shades.

Securing the String/Cord

Roman shades need to have anchors installed on the supporting walls or window frames. During the installation, the anchors must be secured to prevent the shade from lowering. These anchors can be hidden inside window frames, so you don’t need to see them.

Types of Roman Shades

Roman shades can be installed on the insides or outsides of window frames, and these are some of the different styles:

  • Batten back
  • Batten front
  • Flat fold
  • Soft/hobble fold

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