How to Hang Window Treatments

Hanging window treatments seems like a pretty standard operation, right? Step 1: measure window. Step 2: hang window treatments. Step 3: Enjoy window treatments. Seems like a pretty easy task, right? While this is one way to hang your window treatments, if you have always been left with lackluster results, it might be because you have only followed these particular steps. Here at Blinds America, we have a few more steps we want you to add in in order to get the results that you see in magazines or from a designer.

use window treatments with grommets

Step 1: Measure the window. When you do this step, make a small sketch of not only your window, but also the width and height of the wall surrounding your window and even the distance between separate windows on the same wall. These will also be important pieces of information to know. You want your window treatments to be able to comfortably span from just below the ceiling to the floors in order to elongate your room, and giving your window treatments a little height can do that. Also make sure your window treatments are wide enough to add a little extra width to the windows, which helps to prevent your windows from looking narrow.

Step 2: When hanging your window treatments, be sure to use a method that will be easy for you. For example, if you are using a window you want to open and close often, use window treatments with grommets or other methods of easy-sliding. Otherwise, use a pocket or rod-back method.

Step 3 is the same: Enjoy those window treatments! For answers to your questions, contact us at Blinds America today!