What You Need to Know About Shutters [infographic]

If you are considering investing in shutters for your home, start here. Our team here at Blinds America has listed all of the most important things you need to know about shutters.

What You Need to Know About Shutters

Types of Shutters

There are three main types of wood shutters:

  1. Polyresin 3: These shutters are a great option because they are designed to not warp, chip, fade, peel or shrink over time or with excessive sun exposure.
  2. Basswood: This beautiful wood is easy to paint and has a soft, fine texture while remaining durable.
  3. Phoenix Wood: This resilient wood is another great option, made from a tree referred to as “the tree of eternity”.

What You Need to Know About Shutters [infographic]


We recommend having professionals install your shutters. Installation makes a difference in the life of your shutters, and a professional can ensure that you have the correct size, style and features to best fit your needs. While some online tutorials may make it seem easy to do it yourself, we highly recommend you leave installation to the pros.


There are a variety of options when it comes to shutters. Shutters can be manually operated or motorized, can have a hidden tilt or a visible tilt, and are available in many different louver sizes.


Did you know that shutters are the only window covering that appears on your home’s appraisal? It’s true! Shutters are a worthwhile investment that can increase the overall value of your home. If you are interested in making an investment in shutters for your home, give us a call today!